The main motive of Saksham Parivar is to provide the financial freedom as well as the time freedom. Saksham parivaar believes in the power of the individual and encourages talent.
Saksham Parivar provides a powerful platform and best environment to act and achieve our aim as well as to create present and future to bring happiness in life. Our motive is to encourage social work. Society grows as we grow so let's wake up and unite together with strong  will to help each other
It's a well known fact that we cannot stop natural calamities like earthquakes, flood etc but together we can unite to help in that situation.  Saksham parivaar donates Pradhan Mantri National Relief Fund through us. 
 It is also raising awareness among today's youth towards  post offices to make it number one in comparison to international courier companies. It empowers women's strength and provides employment to unemployed youth making them debt free.